Do you have a plot of land? Are you are planning on acquiring one? Have you been thinking of what sustainable project to carry out on it? Are you a student or a recent graduate thinking of venturing into Agriculture? Are you thinking of what to do in your retirement as a steady stream of income? Perhaps, you are thinking of a secondary or tertiary source of income to serve as a rainy-day fund. Have you also thought of of investing in a profitable and yet renewable and sustainable venture? Have you considered pig farming?



  1. Introduction to pig farming
  2. Why should you venture into commercial pig production?
  3.  What is the set up and operational cost?
  4. Planning, locating and constructing a pig farm
  5. Managing your pig farm – Breed selection, care and management of pigs 
  6. Breeding (heat detection, pregnancy management and farrowing)
  7. Reducing the feed cost  and feed formulation in pig farming 
  8. Disease prevention and control
  9. Branding and marketing of pig products ( live and carcass weights, sausages, chops, etc.  )
  10. Value addition to products
  11. Recordkeeping


  1. Proprietors, managers and supervisors of  pig farms
  2. Prospective pig farmers who need the technical know-how of starting successful pig farms
  3. Subsistence pig farmers who would like to turn their subsistence farms into commercial pig farms.
  4. Former pig farmers who want to restart their pig farming ventures
  5. Marketers, Retailers and Wholesalers, Veterinary drug dealers, Feed and Equipment dealers, Agro-processors and all other stakeholders in the pig business value chain

Date: January 29 – 30, 2021

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Venue: Opmax Business Center, Awudome Cres, Accra, Ghana.

Registration (Reservation) Fees: GH¢100 This fee is to reserve limited seats for the participants. It must be paid immediately upon registration.

Training Fees(In person): GH¢500 (includes snacks, manuals, lunch, stationery, and certificates). Payment terms available.

Training Fees(Online): GH¢400 (includes manuals and certificates which will be mailed to participants). Payment terms available.

Payment Methods:

MTN Mobile Money:

Agent Name: Kassah Capital Services

Agent Number: 024 707 2585

Vodafone Cash:

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Visit our office at Awudome Estate in Accra and make payment in cash.

Call us for direction when coming over to the office.

This is an opportunity for those in the industry to meet and create professional networks as well as market themselves and their products

The training sessions will be handled by competent  and experienced personnel with backgrounds in pig farming, veterinary service, feed formulation, farming input supplies, and financial management.

There will be a live broadcast via Zoom and other social media platforms for those who are interested, yet cannot travel to the center in person. Please indicate during the registration which option you prefer.

If you need more information or are planning to attend the training in person or online, please contact us to book your place now.  

Tel: +233(0)20 219 0429

WhatsApp /Telegram: +233(0)20 219 0429

Email: info@kassahcapital.com